Most profitable virtual currencies to invest money

The cryptocurrencies are at their best: many of them are multiplying their value and interest in them grows exponentially. Let's say it's the best time to invest in virtual currencies.

To make this list we will be based on the purchase of virtual currencies valued at 1000 dollars during some period of this same year. In bold we show how much we would have won.


It is the criptomoneda by antonomasia. It is not the one that is having more profitability right now, but it has greatly increased its value. As I write these lines it is priced at almost $ 2400, but its historical maximum is 2993.46 euros. The daily capitalization amounts to more than 1 billion dollars.

Bitcoin doubles its value in 5 months

According to some experts, within a decade a single Bitcoin could be worth $ 50,000 (yes, the paper will hold all the ink you throw). However, the future of Bitcoin comes from a thread called 'August 1', day where the currency could be devalued to a minimum due to th…

7 best options for exchanging bitcoins and PayPal - cryptocurrency exchanges

After seeing Bitcoin's potential to protect money from monetary devaluations or to make crypto-investments waiting for a price increase, many are wondering how to buy bitcoins with their PayPal accounts.

At the moment there are different exchange houses or exchanges that allow to buy bitcoins with the available balance in a PayPal account, or to change bitcoins to receive balance in PayPal. However, it should be noted that if you perform this type of transactions through a bureau de cambio in which you buy BTC or PayPal balance to another person, you should know that PayPal allows refunds of charges while Bitcoin does not . So getting someone who makes a fraudulent chargeback by PayPal is possible, however that with Bitcoin would be an agreement between parties.

Below is a list of exchange offices that allow you to buy and / or sell bitcoin or crypton coins using a PayPal account.


It was founded in June of 2012 and has its main headquarters in San Francisco, California. …