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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Most profitable virtual currencies to invest money


The cryptocurrencies are at their best: many of them are multiplying their value and interest in them grows exponentially. Let's say it's the best time to invest in virtual currencies.

To make this list we will be based on the purchase of virtual currencies valued at 1000 dollars during some period of this same year. In bold we show how much we would have won.


It is the criptomoneda by antonomasia. It is not the one that is having more profitability right now, but it has greatly increased its value. As I write these lines it is priced at almost $ 2400, but its historical maximum is 2993.46 euros. The daily capitalization amounts to more than 1 billion dollars.

Bitcoin doubles its value in 5 months

According to some experts, within a decade a single Bitcoin could be worth $ 50,000 (yes, the paper will hold all the ink you throw). However, the future of Bitcoin comes from a thread called 'August 1', day where the currency could be devalued to a minimum due to the dreaded hard fork.

Why August will be the moment of truth for Bitcoin, and why virtual currencies are falling
If we had invested 1000 dollars on January 1, 2017 (worth 1.0278 BTC), at the peak of this currency we would have converted that money to 3076.68 dollars. However, it is estimated that in the long run it will continue to rise, and if it does not reach $ 50,000 in 10 years (which is crazy), it could perfectly well double its current value before the end of the year .


This currency is relatively new (2016). However, it has had a very good reception by the community. It currently has a capitalization of more than $ 26,000 (very little) per day, but the returns it has been handling have been very good.

AntShares, an alternative criptomoneda to Bitcoin

Specifically it went from being worth 0.1177 in March 2017 to 11.79 dollars in June of the same year. In calculating, if we had bought 8643 coins for $ 1000 at the time, the value on June 20 would have risen to $ 101,901.46. It is currently worth $ 6.18, so it stands at $ 53,414.


Ripple (2012) is known as the currency of banks. Many banks around the world agree to market with it and the figure goes up every day. Its value is not very large, but it does have a fairly broad daily capitalization; has a current value of 0.2 dollars (0.174 euros) and is handled daily more than 250,000 dollars.

In May of this same year it had a value of $ 0.006. So, who invested 1000 dollars (to buy 16 6666.66 coins) could have made 69 633.33 dollars, that same month reached a maximum of $ 0.4178. Right now, it seems that the value is being corrected after the decline and is starting to rise from $ 0.2 back to $ 0.4.


We have already talked about it: it has gone from being worth $ 8.06 to 412.93 of maximum. A hypothetical purchase of 124 coins on January 1, 2017 would amount to $ 51,232. They would now be 26 791.56 dollars (currently has a value of 215.94 euros).

Actualemnte has a capitalization of more than 1000 million dollars, something more even than Bitcoin himself. It is a strong alternative to the gold coin and, for those who want something mature (with a large market), this criptomoneda can be a very good option.


If Bitcoin is the gold coin, the Litecoin is the silver coin (literally so is its logo). Apart from its advantages over the BTC, it is also having a pretty good return. It manages daily a volume of more than 300 000 dollars. There are times that it has surpassed more than 1000 million dollars, passing also to the BTC and any other currency.

Litecoin, a virtual currency

With a value of 3.8 dollars in March 2017, if we had bought 263 LTC worth 1000 euros, at its best we would have taken a slice of 14 107.89 dollars, when it was bought / sold at 53.61 dollars. Right now, those 1000 dollars would have been converted to 12,239.47 dollars, since each LTC is currently worth 46.51 dollars.

The one that has had more during this year, as we see, is without any doubt AntShares. We could have converted $ 1000 into $ 101,901.46 if we had invested it at the right time.

7 best options for exchanging bitcoins and PayPal - cryptocurrency exchanges


After seeing Bitcoin's potential to protect money from monetary devaluations or to make crypto-investments waiting for a price increase, many are wondering how to buy bitcoins with their PayPal accounts.

At the moment there are different exchange houses or exchanges that allow to buy bitcoins with the available balance in a PayPal account, or to change bitcoins to receive balance in PayPal. However, it should be noted that if you perform this type of transactions through a bureau de cambio in which you buy BTC or PayPal balance to another person, you should know that PayPal allows refunds of charges while Bitcoin does not . So getting someone who makes a fraudulent chargeback by PayPal is possible, however that with Bitcoin would be an agreement between parties.

Below is a list of exchange offices that allow you to buy and / or sell bitcoin or crypton coins using a PayPal account.


It was founded in June of 2012 and has its main headquarters in San Francisco, California. It is one of the most famous digital wallets in the market and also offers services of exchange of bitcoins and ethers. In June, the company announced the expansion of its payment options by allowing its customers in the United States to use PayPal to receive balance in their accounts for the sale of bitcoins, this feature is in trial period although the company plans to provide the same service to the users of the 33 countries to which they provide their exchange platform.

When making the sale of Cryptomonedas through Coinbase using Paypal, the operation is done instantly. That is, there is no waiting time to send the cryptones, more than the time it takes for the network to verify the transaction. The commissions of this exchange house for purchases with PayPal is 3.99% of the total amount.


Initially called Coinimal, this Austrian startup specializes in the purchase and sale of bitcoins, ethers and NXT cryptomedas. It was founded in October 2014 after coordination with the Austrian authorities allowed the creation of the company.

Although the Bitpanda platform does not have the option to buy Cryptones with PayPal balance, you have the option to sell Cryptones to get PayPal's balance in Euros. The estimated time of the transaction is 12 hours and transaction fees are stipulated by Paypal policies.


Cryptonit is a UK-based startup and is dedicated to the digital currency exchange service. In addition, the company works closely with the UK Financial Services Authority (FCA). the company is registered correctly under the legal parameters of the British state.

The platform allows to deposit PayPal balance to the user account in Cryptonit and then proceed with the purchase of the cryptones, however, the commission for making deposits into the account in dollars or euros is 9.8% of the total amount. However, when it comes to withdrawing money or selling Crypton Coins on the platform to receive it in PayPal accounts, the commission will be 2% of the total amount.

In addition, the minimum amount to withdraw is 10 dollars or euros, and the maximum amount rises to 2,500 dollars or euros. The average time for transactions with PayPal and the platform is 4 days.


This company based in Denmark allows its users to make exchanges from Bitcoin to PayPal without commissions and almost instantaneously. After the Bitcoin network confirms the transaction, the platform makes the exchange and the user receives the dollar amount in their PayPal account.

One of the biggest advantages of ExchangeMyCoins is that the platform does not require logs to perform operations, which makes them anonymous. The maximum amount that can be exchanged to PayPal is $ 1,000.


This US company provides a platform where its users can create offers to buy and sell bitcoins, having as one of the methods of payment just PayPal. The users that make the offers in Paxful stipulate the exchange rate and the form of payment that they want among the list of options available, so that the purchase and sale of bitcoins to someone who uses PayPal as payment method.

The commissions of the platform are only 1% of the amount of the transaction for the seller, leaving the buyer exempt from such commissions.


VirWox is one of the most popular pages in PayPal's balance exchange for criptomonedas, however, if you want to get bitcoins simply and quickly you must be careful. The platform bases its operations on Linden dollars, a currency known to be used in the game Second Life, so buying a cryptomoneda in this space acquires the currency Open Metaverse Currency (OM ¢), which although it is a virtual currency, is also used to buy and sell goods or services in virtual environments.

The commissions on that platform are charged according to the payment methods used, in the case of PayPal can be determined on their website. For more information on the VirWox platform we invite you to read its FAQ page.


The company was founded in 2012 and its main headquarters is in Finland. LocalBitcoins is a platform of exchange of person-to-person bitcoins, that is, site users publish ads specifying exchange rates and payment methods, with PayPal being of course available for the purchase and sale of bitcoins.

The platform allows users to do business exchange with people from all over the world, however, because of PayPal's chargeback policies, care must be taken when performing such operations on the page.

LocalBitcoins offers an integrated service of protection to the user who wants to sell bitcoins, which are stored in a secure portfolio and whose amount is released once the user receives the payment. Commissions are barely 1% of the total amount of each transaction once the user places a sale announcement on the platform.


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